About Me

Becoming epilepsy2 entrepreneur

My name is Teri, I created Suli teas based on what I loved to drink and what my family and I drank when we had various symptoms. While none of my teas are a cure for anything, they are supportive and have gotten me through some of my toughest days.

I have fought epilepsy, autoimmune, and anxiety since I was a child, but in my 30s I wanted to finally get to the root of my issues. Diet was definitely key, while also eliminating triggers like caffeine, and added flavors in all my foods and drinks. I learned I could support myself and family with particular herbs. I could create great flavors that were enjoyable for us and guests.

I went on the hunt for more than the standard boring lavender and echinacea. I wanted to know what worked and what tasted best. I chose herbs that were used for thousands of years or had new studies showing their uses. I also worked with the herbs Anthony William has recommended. Following his advice stopped my anxiety, and led me to manage my other illnesses, experience true health freedom and truly enjoy the little things in life.

The flavors I have available are my favorites and most used. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.